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U.G. (Cella Dwellas) Portals album Release Party

Footage from the Portals album release party. Features live performances from DV Alias Khryst, Bernadette Price, Necro, Swave Sevah, Poison Pen, Mr Hyde and more! Footage by Geraldo “Jise” Barreto **Tree Of Life Pictures**



‘Buy The CD’ ($12.99) [with Bonus cd and stickers]

‘Portals Package Deal’ ($45):
• CD
• T-Shirt (Black or Grey)
• Limited Edition Cassette Tape (Bonus Track “We Not Playing” ft. ILL Bill [revisited version])
• Sticker Package
• Instrumental CD/Bonus Tracks
• Poster signed by U.G.

Press Release:

01. Intro (The Material World)
02. The Mystic (feat. Mista Sinista)
03. Broken Vessel (feat. DJ White Shadow)
04. Super Gods (feat. DJ White Shadow)
05. You Already Snow (feat. Celph Titled)
06. Megatron
07. Might & Magic
08. Interlude
09. Mind Right
10. Light Years (feat. Life Long)
11. Portals (feat. Mista Sinista)
12. Mosh To This (feat. Necro)
13. Ready For War (feat. Mista Sinista)
14. The Portals Closing
**Arranged, Mixed and Produced by: IDE
*** Additional production from: Kelly Finnigan, Warryn Syde, and Time Timebomb Pics

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