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Element Tree presents: The Turntable Izm Show

You may have seen a few of our artists on the Turntable Izm Show before. Element Tree chops it up with the izm crew to give those that haven’t seen it before a little more insight as to what the show is about. You’ll see CF (Constant Flow) make an appearance at the end in the final freestyle with Johnny 3 Rounds.  

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CF on the Turntable Izm Show

With Dj Brown13 still in Norway, Dj DeeShot held down the music on the wheels. Creative Juices Music representative, CF aka Constant Flow, checked in with us. He’s getting ready to release his new album, The Road. He let us play 3 of his new exclusive songs. CF is no stranger to the Turntable Izm Show and was ready to spit his bars and also held down the final freestyle with Johnny 3 Rounds and…

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                                                Creative Juices Music & Doxside Music Group present Quarantine, the latest project by cRITICAL one half of the inebriated rap duo Critical Madness. After the leakage of his Clinical Studies mixtape was unleashed to the masses, he took refuge underground with fellow Ozone veteran producer, TzarizM to experiment on some new…

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