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2017 states where marijuana is legal

Amerijuana | A Personal view of Marijuana in America

As America continues to evolve we have seen some head way on a controversial topic thats been debated for decades. Cannabis use in the United States of America for health benefits, medicinal and recreational. The push to legalize and embrace medical benefits of this plant have been a ongoing pursuit for many in this country. Over the last decade we have seen some huge changes. States like California were on the front line for adapting Marijuanas medical benefits. Today California has come as far as legalization for recreational use. States like NY (far behind on the curve), have just decriminalized Marijuana. Where you can carry up to 27 grams, and smoking in public amounts to a ticket, not a night or weekend in central booking.

Marijuana | Breaking the Taboo

Marijuana Propaganda

A plant once frowned upon in society as the end result to propaganda and misinformation. Now being commonly accepted for its medical benefits. Why the sudden shift in consciousness? Why was this plant looked at as evil to begin with? There are a few facts that lead to this. For one: hemp is a much stronger, better quality and cheaper resource than paper (we will come back to that). Two: with the prohibition ending emerging alcohol companies didn’t need competition with a substance that grew freely. Three: Racism, in a segregated country, Cannabis use was associated with Black Jazz musicians as well as Mexicans. Four: the rise of big Pharmaceuticals.

Now these are factors that all lead to this taboo separately, I just want to give a general overview of the topic. The Declaration of Independence as we know was one of many famous documents written on hemp paper. So if hemp paper is easier & faster to grow, stronger and over all a better source why are we cutting down trees to make books? This all started with William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was a racist capitalist looking to protect his own interests. He not only ran a newspaper company, but was a top tycoon in the timber industry. Hemp would ruin his business. He did everything he could to demonize the plant. read more

“People are smoking it, and blacks and Mexicans are raping white women”

So how did we get from suburban husbands fearing their wives would smoke weed with black Jazz musicians, to never be heard from again. A filthy plant re-branded as “Marijuana” to sound Mexican. (Isn’t the plant called Cannabis?) Jails becoming privatized and pushing for more occupants which could be used for cheap labor (a form of cloaked modern institutionalized slavery). Possession of marijuana would be a easy way to lock up young offenders throw away the key, and have the judicial system turn their back on them for the corporate gain. Wow Smoke that in your pipe!

With all seriousness the change came with likeminded people speaking up, putting the flame to government. In the myst of the fight for cannabis medical role in society, the plant has been seen in a new light People are being re-informed and seeing the plant for what it is. In many ways a wonder plant!

The Return of… Wonder Plant

Annual Deaths From Substances

A fast growing plant that can prevent cancer and even reduce, and kill existing cancer cells? People with seizures, epilepsy, Asthma, Alzheimers, Aids, multiple sclerosis, inflaming, depression and more can benefit, keep symptoms at bay and in some cases cure? How can this be? We all have seen the medical bottles of Cannabis from the late 1800s. Why did we take so many steps back? How did the misinformation prevent so many people from getting the medicine they needed. How is this country federally not acknowledging and only state by state legalizing. Well another modern sad reality. Big Pharm. Is medicine to cure people, when so many companies profit off the sick? If symptoms could be easily treated with a free plant why do we prescribe pills that are highly addictive, that have side effects worse than what they treat. Why is this system so upside down? Billions of dollars are at stake, and opiates are a great way to push hard drugs to the public with a smile.

Medical cannabis


Lets Get Hypothetical

A carpenter falls and gets a back injury. He gets put on heavy painkillers, yet has never done a drug in his life. Hes out of work, and popping pills. OxyContin are synthesized heroine. These pills are immediately addicting, and are intended to be. When the pricy prescription runs out, patients are often left to hit the black market to feed their addiction. When their finances can no longer support that and their physical addiction is out of hand, heroin is often the last stop. So whats really the gateway drug?  This sounds very general, but is more common than you would think. Why would our medical system push pills that create drug addicts. Why is the country so divided on what seems obvious. The tax perks the government receives in legal Marijuana states are incredible. Seems like their is a conspiracy at play. Who has the most to gain from marijuana remaining illegal. Will NY ever get on board, or is it caught in the financial center and grasp of large pharmaceutical companies. More and more legislation pushes for medicinal use and legalization. Even newly recreational states like Massachusetts exist in a grey area. Where the plant is legal! However illegal to sell. The bureaucracy creates confusion, and people dont know what is what. Simply crossing a state line is the difference in some place between recreationally legal, and your ass is under arrest.

I was recently in California speaking to lots of locals on the topic and what the current state was. People honestly didn’t know. They knew it was legal (and happy about that), but weren’t sure of all the details. Seems the feel is too good to be true, and every one is still conditioned from years of strict polices. 2018 We will see states on the east coast go full recreational, and more states pushing the vote. Until than make sure to stay informed, stay safe, healthy and twist up some top shelf medicinal. Its good for you!

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