Gorilla Nems Any Given Sunday Freestyle Pt. 5 March 25, 2017 – Posted in: Music Video, Nems – Tags: , , ,

Gorilla Nems – Any Given Sunday Freestyle Pt. 5



Last week that wasn’t the wind that fucked up the homi
That was rapper’s souls leaving they body
Back in ’09 I was sleeping in the lobby
And nobody gave a fuck about me. Word to mommy
I been questioned for a couple bodies
Did a state bid for robbery
And still I’m standing here like John Gotti
No vest on
No question
With the bars I’m most slept on
No manager. No publicist
But in my heart I know real niggas gon’ fuck with this
You couldn’t hold all of this fire with oven mitts
And that’s why your baby mother is loving this
It’s nothing bitch
If you see my eyes open I’m hustling
Tax free dollars like fuck all the government
The radio ain’t playing the shit that we fucking with
So you gotta search for it like the arc of the covenant
You at South by paying to network
My brand made 7 G’s today for my net worth
Ima bang ya’ll every Sunday ’til your head hurt
Legs jerk
Heart busts open out your sweatshirt
And your hairs stand up like Alfalfa
Leader of the pack mother fucker
I’m the ALPHA