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IDE – Let The Games Begin [Unreleased]

This is a unreleased track recorded for Breathe Easy, that did not make the album. “Let The Games Begin” one of the earlier tracks recorded in the process. Produced by Lucky Loopiano, with a ruff mix by Raj of RVM sounds.

IDE – Breathe Easy

Creative Juices Music presents: IDE Breathe Easy. The first full-length Studio Album from IDE, the co-founder & CEO of Creative Juices Music. After a six year hiatus, IDE returns with producer Lucky Loopiano to deliver his most personal album to date. A ‘magnum opus’ of raw lyricism and thematic wordplay. Showcased over the intoxicating soundscapes of gritty New York boom-bap production, and live instrumentation.

For close to two decades, IDE has been producing music and operating an independent record label. A life-long entrepreneur of New York City Hip-Hop culture, IDE has released an extensive catalog of albums. Working with some of the best artists in the genre from Golden Era Emcees and Battle Legends, to the most talented and original underground hip-hop acts. BREATHE EASY marks the first project from IDE without any cameos or guest appearances. A concept album plunging into the depths of consciousness and exploring the constant struggles within an ever changing music industry, in a time where music has become repetitive and unoriginal, this is a unique and creative album. A breath of fresh air for listeners.