Insomniac Magazines Weekly Top 10 | IDE Nirvana August 8, 2017 – Posted in: IDE – Tags: ,

Insomniac Magazine's Weekly Top 10 | IDE Nirvana

Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Top 10 | IDE Nirvana

IDEs newest music video “Nirvana” makes it to Insomniac magazines weekly top 10. “9) IDE reels listeners into his psychedelic mind state with the Lucky Loopiano & Kelly Finnigan produced, “Nirvana.” Traveling at the speed of thought has never been more fun as the lyrical visionary challenges us to open our minds to new experiences & perceptions of reality. ‘Nuff props to Kenny Shumaker for bringin’ the visuals to life. “Breathe Easy.” It’s about to go down!”

IDE – Nirvana [Music Video]

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