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Young Jise and Swigga in the 80s

Young Jise and Swinga

It was Vandyke houses in Brooklyn NY. Late 80’s, Early 90’s. I lived with my aunt and 2 cousins for some time growing up. I remember my cousin Swinga was nice off the top of the head and he would write these sick ass rhymes on the top bunk and i’d be his ear when he wanted to run anything that he wrote by me. He had such a confidence about him. That cadence, flow and delivery were something to be reckoned with at that time. Swinga was way ahead of his time and i was fortunate enough to eventually feed off of that. Before then, i had only written, mostly poems, dream journals, a few rhymes but i wasn’t well experienced in writing rap songs, verses, hooks etc. I was at the ciphers, but i didn’t participate too much in those in the earlier days, except for the occasional beat box or elevator wall banging. As time passed, when Swinga realized that i had been secretly writing rhymes? He would put the spotlight on me when the ciphers popped off. lol. Can’t even begin to explain how that felt. Such a natural high, but at the same time a nervousness beyond measure. Scared in a good way.

“Felt as if i’ve just discovered a secret super power that I carried for so long without anyone ever knowing, not even me”

Let me elaborate a bit, so that you can have a better understanding. As a kid, i was quiet. Kept to myself. I would even go as far as to say that you wouldn’t even know i was in a room of crowded people. It almost felt like i didn’t belong anywhere. Like i didn’t have a voice in this world. An alien in a sense. This provided an outlet of sorts. A way that I can share a glimpse into my thought process. I was home.
Swinga & Jise one Vandyke houses Brooklyn NY 90s.

Vandyke houses Brooklyn NY

It was only the beginning of a long journey for me. Where i would eventually travel the world, sharing the stage with legends i’ve would’ve never even thought i’d meet, let alone rock with in my lifetime. I’ve been truly blessed.
Today, Swinga and I barely speak much, but i check in from time to time. He still spit and I’m still one of his biggest fans. I STILL catch myself reciting some of his lines from back then! This is my personal salute to my cousin Swinga (2000arms, Mts) Salute my G. Familia!
Swinga & Jise

Swinga & Jise

Swinga Going Freestyling 2017