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“From mothers trying to cop FYL jumpers for their offspring to hitting the bars with Poison Pen, NEMS will keep you entertained while possessing zero regard for your life. Although on closer inspection, that may not be true. The Coney Island product uses his music as a form of therapy, recounting his issues with drugs while proudly proclaiming his sobriety, one gets the feeling he’s not just doing it for himself. Although let’s be clear – you will catch hands if you fake moves and if you do, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. And make no mistake, it’s Gorilla NEMS season.

After laying low from music in 2016, NEMS focused on building his FYL brand while making plans for a monster 2017. With the release of Skinny NEMS, an almost-three hour compilation featuring NEMS’s best tracks over the years, including his collabs with PH, Sean Price, Kool G. Rap, Ghostface Killah, Danse, and of course Poison Pen. In this exclusive interview, NEMS speaks on battling his personal demons, his FYL brand, why he doesn’t need a problem solved, and much more, including his response to Danse’s claim about who’s got the dopest of dope verses in their many collabs.”