New Short Animation from Alucard February 14, 2013 – Posted in: Alucard

New Short Animation from Alucard

Creative Juices was founded in 2001 by Alucard and IDE. The premise wasnt built entirely on the idea of making music. But of all Creative avenues. This is a new short Animation by Creative Juices artist Alucard called “Love Kills” There will be much more of these coming soon. But this is a glimpse of what Alucard has been working on. Hand drawn animations, using a iphone to piece it together flip book style.

Directed and Animated by Charlie De Leon aka Alucard of Creative Juices Music
Editing and Sound Effects by Kenneth Shumaker of TimeBomb Pictures
Featuring music from “Alucard – Watch them Fall” and “IDE & Alucard – Uncovered Remains”

TimeBomb Pictures –