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New Stickers shipping with first 200 orders

Doug Hoffman | Force Fed sticker

Doug Hoffman aka Boxguts is the creator of the original painting of the Force Fed album cover. Boxguts dug through the old archives to find some more work done around the time of Force Fed. We will be pressing up stickers of Boxguts paintings, sketches and other visual creations from the Force Fed era. These stickers along with a album cover poster and “Best of IDE/Unreleased IDE” digital download will come FREE with the first 200 orders for the Force Fed vinyl.

Force Fed Limited Edition Vinyl | with Free Stickers, poster and download

IDE - Force Fed [Vinyl]



We have here the: IDE – Force Fed Vinyl Pre Order. Vinyl ships Aprils 22nd 2017. First 100 orders receive a free signed poster, sticker and bonus digital download! So don’t wait!
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of IDE – Force Fed; we have teamed up with Fat Beat for a limited edition colored vinyl release. Over the years we have continued to receive fan mail for Force Fed. Its managed to remain relevant for many even 10 years later. We always wanted to do vinyl, furthermore we have had even more request than we can count.