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Surpassing All Others
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The duo Destruments have been making huge strides musically releasing six albums in seven years. For most, this would be an over saturation; however, if you are putting out as much quality music as Kelly Finnigan and Sean Wilson have, sometimes quality and quantity fit hand in hand.  The Destruments new album, Surpassing All Others, is a real fitting title since this album definitely does.

The album begins with the first track, “You Better Know It,” and despite it being a short track – almost working as an interlude before the actual project begins – this track has just a few lyrics and lets listeners know that they had “better know the Destruments.”

“You Got It,” featuring The Day Laborers, samples Betty Wright’s “Pure Love,” and switches the sample completely.  “TheZeeOheNeE,” is a mellow, soulful and jazz infused track featuring emcees Othello and Jermiside and speaks about being in the “zone” which both emcees obviously are.  The way the two emcees both incorporate themselves in the chorus is an added bonus with the track.

“Got Love,” featuring Tron 7 Seize and T Truth, is a song that speaks about love as the title alludes to, and the production of this track – a mesh of jazz and hip-hop – actually makes you feel in love. Another track on the album that follows the love theme would be, “Forever Mine,” featuring emcee Quite Nyce.  The song opens with commentary from a movie that says essentially how the guy wants to be in love and have a real relationship.  Quite Nyce speaks of monogamy, and how he’s “not afraid no more.”

“Skin Deep,” which works as an interlude once again, samples Gladys Knight and The Pips and Curtis Mayfield’s classic “The Makings of You.” This serves as a calm and mellow segway into the hard hitting, “The Fire,” featuring emcee CK.  Listening to this track, the first thing that crosses your mind is “who is this guy CK?”  Not only does he flow nice and effortlessly over the track, but I dig the topics he addresses on this track: Hell, Jesus, Faith, and lyrics like, “See, people burn Bible pages with weed to get high enough to reach God because they can’t read, they blind, deaf and dumb son.  Some of us is Helen Keller; so much hell inside it’s killing me like Heltor Skeltor.”

The last highlight on the album comes from the track “1 Last Sunset,” which is a great track.  This song is the epitome of 90’s hip hop and you can easily hear the legendary trio Black Moon rapping over this track with their classic album, Enta Da Stage.

If you like sampled music with a twist and great hip-hop, this project is a must.

– Erin Duncan