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Passion of Jise Album Cover

2 Year Anniversary

Its hard to believe that two years have passed since Jise’s release Passion of. Jises 2nd solo album is a unique project on many levels. The projects was inspired by a collection of dream journals. In an attempt to cope with nightmares scared by a haunting past. Jise began to write down his dreams. This collection of writings lead to and inspired The Passion of. Celebrating its 2nd anniversary we are now offering the cd for only $10 with a free sticker.


The Passion Of

The Passion Of Jise is the most developed release from Brooklyn native Jise to date. Born Geraldo Barreto, the NYC artist has crafted a conceptual semi-biographical album that delves into what growing up in Brooklyn was truly like.

“The best way to describe my music or poetry is to listen to it” says Jise. “It’s difficult to describe. Someone once referred to it as ‘Abstract Poetry’ and that sounds good to me.”

The Passion Of Jise comes nearly 4 years after Jise’s critically acclaimed debut solo album, Chronicles 2. During that time Jise was compiling the correct pieces and carefully building the foundation of what would become The Passion Of Jise.

“A record should have more substance, something that means more than just battle rapping,” says Jise, “I want to paint pictures with poetry and music.”

The Passion Of Jise features production from the veritable who’s who of New York City underground producers , including: Arsonists/Stillwell lead vocalist and producer Q-Unique, IDE (Creative Juices Music), Dj Insite, MOODS, Dras79, Mastamind, Nuttkase and Frank Sasoon.

“This album is a combination of old dream journals and poetry entries that date back to my early days as a teen” says Jise. “I stumbled upon my old journal entries and realized that it was an incredible foundation for an album.”