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Ralph Lauren Polo Snow Beach Capsule Collection


Ralph Lauren Polo Snow Beach Sample Items


Collectors, Lo Lifes, fashionistas, and hype beasts alike all have been anticipating this one. Uncle Ralphie has had his ear to the street and is giving exactly what everyone wants. Well at least everyone who didnt pay upwards of $2000-$3000 for 20 year old used pieces. Nonetheless winter is coming. Ralph is going to have half the city looking like blue and yellow bumble bees with spin wheel hats (fanny packs to match). Regardless there will be thirsty consumers camped out in the rain all week salivating to the idea that this sought after RL collectors item can now be in their closet. Or in more cases to resell on the internet for a greedy profit. Rumor is there will be two releases.

Ralph Lauren Polo Snow Beach Capsule Collection

Ralph Lauren cracks open the vaults for another vintage re-release

The limited edition retro vintage color ways (top row of picture above), and a more general release of the black version on the bottom row. These are going to be tough to get and people worldwide will be breaking their bank accounts. The snow beast cometh!

Stadium Collection

Ralph Lauren Polo Stadium Purple Label

More to come from Polo Ralph Lauren 2018. Purple Label stadium collection, Crossflags, CPRL, Sailing collection, Snowbeach and much more!

Why did RL make the Stadium release so hard to come by in NY

The newest stadium release was sitting on the UK polo site for months, and in stores internationally through out the entire release. While in NY a wristband system went into play, and some consumers waited two days in line for the privilege of purchasing only two items. Was RL trying to use NYC to hype up demand, popularity and sales worldwide. Was corporate attempting to keep a tight watch on inventory so that “boosting” of items would not be a option? Its hard to say, but the corporate offices have been busy at work, and surely have something up their sleeves to try and boost stock.