So Why The New website? February 17, 2017 – Posted in: General – Tags: , ,

2016 was a real exciting year for us. After having been quiet for a few years we started making some more noise. We are now working with Fat Beats for distribution which has been going great! You know what that means?! Vinyl!! Thats right lots of vinyl releases this year. Back to the website.. So the idea was that we wanted to have a cleaner site, something easier to navigate, we wanted new capabilities and more content. We also wanted to create a interactive community for like minded people. As a small label, self run, we never have enough time. So unfortunately that means we cant take any demo submissions, and put out new artists. Not yet! That will all change soon enough. We respect hungry artists eager to work, because thats what we are. So we are going to have continuous contests. For producers, emcees, video editors, graphic designers, artist and more.

Whats the Point of Contests, does it even get anyones attention?

The point of the contests, is to allow our platform to be a platform for our friends, fellow artists and fans. Every artist from the CJM crew will be heavily involved in the contests, checking all submissions, commenting on entries, and offering opportunities to work.  So we will be taking the contests very seriously, and in a way its our own regulated way to check out talent. Plus we will be giving away some really cool prizes in the process.

What are some of the new features of the Creative Juices Music site?

We have added allot of great new features. On our main page we have an event feed, that will be updated with all releases, videos, shows, radio, and major announcements. Details will be added for each, and events can easily be added to your calendar. We now have a radio section with 2 streaming playlists, if you are home assembling ikea furniture and don’t want to keep changing the music. You have hours and hours of CJM you can rock to. One main version, and one instrumental. Maybe your looking for some beats to cypher? Almost a full days worth of beats playing back to back. Lets see what else…we have the contest page, as previously stated. We have a new “discography” page. This we are very excited about. Since 2004 we have been involved in more releases than we can count. Over the years the early releases fade away and we tend to loose track, We had the idea of having a full discography of all our releases. So you could see the whole time line in one spot. Albums that are sold out, can now be purchased digitally and you can stream the content as well. We have over 30 releases posted, and will be adding more.

The artists pages have been much further developed and now have much more detail about the artists. If there something you want to see, something we should add to the site? Send us a email We also now have “review” sections for all store items. You can rate our releases and leave feedback. Another way to directly interact with the artists.  The store items now have much more range, you can listen see images, leave reviews, repost on social media etc. We are finally getting there!

Whats in the works?

We have years of unreleased content, and we are re-releasing some CJM favorites on vinyl. We also have new music from Defiant 3, Alucard, Nems, Jise and more! We finally got with the program and started recording more Music Videos. With the help of Kenny Shumaker aka Time Bomb Pics. We will be releasing allot more music videos. Staring off with the new video from IDE “Nirvana” which will be out later this month! We are working on a live feed feature so you can have a “fly on the wall” perspective of recording sessions, cyphers, live shows and more. OK you didn’t come here to read, go check the site out. Let us know what you think. Much respect #CJMHipHop