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Son of A One Armed Man Now only $12.99

Swave album cover

CD, Autographed poster, & autographed sticker now only for $12.99 & for a limited time receive a free Frank Sasoon mix cd, & CJM sticker pack!

Son Of A One Armed Man (SOAOAM) is Harlem born emcee Swave Sevah’s debut LP on Creative Juices. Set to be released 03/03/13, SOAOAM takes listeners on a musical journey through Swave’s mind as he contemplates life, death and everything in between. The album, including the concept, lyrics, title and cover art paint a vivid picture of his lifestyle and experiences in the streets, the clubs, and the bedroom. While SOAORM boasts hard tracks and bars, the overall sound is well rounded and smooth, highlighting the positives and negatives; the triumphs and tragedies. Swave is joined by fellow emcees, Sean Price, Killer Mike, Poison Pen, marvWon, Quest and others. To support the LP, marketing efforts will be employed via the “battle rap” platform. Swave has been garnering the attention of US rap battle leagues like GrindTime and URL, as well as, international rap battle leagues KOTD (Canada), Don’t Flop (UK), and Flip Top.


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