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Alucard Checking In! | New Artwork

Alucard Checking In! | New Artwork Its Alu! Its Alucard here on the check in! Got some new art and announcements to make. Salute to those listening out there it’s Alu (AKA Alucard) tuning in from Brooklyn. New Art in the works. I just bought a new sketch book to conceptualize, and gain momentum to work on a album cover for “Alusions” (new solo album from Alucard in the works) and do some “Defiant III” illustrations.…

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Free NEMS “Super Marvelous” Mixtape!

1.  You will never find another photo of Nems smiling. 2.  Spend $25 or more on Nems merchandise (CDs, Mixtapes or T-Shirts) in the Creative Juices store and along with your order you will recieve a free NEMS “Super Marvelous” Mixtape CD! 3.  No Gunthers

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Nems / I Am Many / CF @ Lone Wolf, BK

  Don’t forget to pull through Wednesday the 21st. to “God Forbid”, for the final CJM performances of 2011 and Nems Birthday Bash.  This is also the first night of Chanukah, so after I light my first candle (Dutch Master) I’ll be showing up in the place to be, Lone Wolf. U P D A T E : 12 / 11 / 11    T H I S    S H O W   I…

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