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Serringe Long time friend of C.J.M., Serringe has come along way since his first music video “Hidden Network” . He has since gone to develop Element Tree a staple to the NJ graffiti scene. Serringe has been doing a back yard series called “Yard Works” that features pieces by some of the most notorious graf vandals. Not only does Serringe do documentaries, interviews, write ups, and music videos. He’s also and extremely creative artist him self, check out…

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Sound The Horns [Official Music Video]

“Sound The Horns” Official music video Directed by Serringe [Element Tree] Director of Cinematography: Serringe [Element Tree] 2nd and 3rd cameras: Kenneth Shumaker, Aquiles Torres Costume Design and Make up: Charlie De Leon Opening Titles/Score: Kenneth Shumaker Cast: Ryan Gallogly, Charlie De Leon, Jesus Himself, Geraldo Barreto, Roy Johannessen Lyrics: IDE Beat: Lucky Loopiano Recording & Mixing Engineer: RVM Sounds Mastered: Manuel Roessler Single from the upcoming release “Breathe Easy” coming 2016 on CJMHipHop

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Element Tree presents: The Turntable Izm Show

You may have seen a few of our artists on the Turntable Izm Show before. Element Tree chops it up with the izm crew to give those that haven’t seen it before a little more insight as to what the show is about. You’ll see CF (Constant Flow) make an appearance at the end in the final freestyle with Johnny 3 Rounds.  

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