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U.G. – Wordplay ft. IDE produced by IDE

U.G. is back again with a another headbanger, this time accompanied by the producer of Portals IDE. The two energetically trade verses, twisting words syllables and styles, over neck breaking production from IDE. This track is a bonus song off of Portals. The two decided last second to add a new song, and recorded this only days before the release. Video Coming soon!

U.G. - Portals Instrumentals back cover

U.G. – Portals – Instrumentals

The U.G. – Portals Instrumentals CD was initially released as a bonus cd for the first 200 orders in 2016. Shortly after the cd was made available on its own, also digitally. All instrumental versions of tracks from Portals are included. The cd also includes 4 non album bonus tracks including Wordplay featuring IDE. It also includes We Not Playing featuring ILL BiLL, and You Already Snow featuring Celph Titled (The Original 2012 version).



01. Intro – The Material World (Instrumental)
02. The Mystic (Instrumental)
03. Broken Vessel (Instrumental)
04. Super Gods (Instrumental)
05. You Already Snow (Instrumental)
06. Megatron (Instrumental)
07. Might & Magic (Instrumental)
08. Interlude (Instrumental)
09. Mind Right (Instrumental)
10. Light Years (Instrumental)
11. Portals (Instrumental)
12. Mosh To This (Instrumental)
13. Ready For War (Instrumental)
14. The Portals Closing (Instrumental)
15. Wordplay Ft. IDE
16. We Not Playing (Revisited) Ft. Ill Bill
17. Scripts N Scrolls Feat. IDE
18. You Already Snow (2012 Version) Ft. Celph Titled